15 Rumi Quotes About Life

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15 Rumi Quotes About Life. Let silence take you to the core of life. Discover rumi quotes about life.

35 Rumi Quotes on Life, Dreams and Trust: So Inspirational from everydaypowerblog.com

Travel brings power and love back into your life. Rumi in this love quote is taking about love beyond a physical body. You are the universe in ecstatic motion. 2.

15 Rumi Quotes About Life. Lots of people have a large repertoire associated with life quotes at their disposal to use at any appropriate moment, and getting the right quote in the best can be extremely important. Although many quotes aren’t original, an excellent quote using a good message may stand the exam of time and stay handed down from generation to generation. Fantastic quotes can be used for a variety of different purposes: to entertain, to motivate, to coach, to share with, or even just to make a person within a poor mind set crack a smile and get away of their covering.

I am not this hair, i am not this skin, i am the soul that lives within.

Quotes from rumi have made me realize and understand so many of life's truths that sometimes when i sit to let his words soak in, i am astounded by related: After the age of 37, he became a spiritual mentor and started preaching about spirituality. When you do things from your soul, you feel a river moving in you, a joy. 338 quotes have been tagged as rumi:

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