14+ Native American Wisdom Philosophy

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14+ Native American Wisdom Philosophy. This video presents inspirational words of wisdom from a native american perspective, reflecting their beliefs, philosophy and spirituality. It has passed the test of time.

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No, not the hollywood kind, the true american indians. We need to know something of this philosophy to understand the 'medicine' or things which served the health of body, mind and spirit. If i had to pick one belief system i would pick that of our ancestors and the old ways.

As a people, native american indians have a great wealth of wisdom that we should treasure and pay heed to.

14+ Native American Wisdom Philosophy. A historically tribal culture, indian populations have shrunk dramatically since columbus arrived in the land that is currently the united states, but those that survive are proud of their heritage. The time has come to listen to echoes from our land.the wisdom and teachings of our native american indians. The ones we mercilessly massacred, harassed, and tried to wipe from the earth. Native american wisdom native american photos native american tribes american spirit native american history native americans sioux native americans.

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