14+ Funny Relationship Quotes

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14+ Funny Relationship Quotes. Share motivational and inspirational quotes about funny relationship. Love and relationships have always been a goldmine of material for comedians, so it's not surprising that so many funny love quotes result from comics riffing on romance.

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Discover 65 quotes tagged as funny relationship quotations: Studies show that couples who laugh together stay. Personal relationships are important at all ages of our lives.

14+ Funny Relationship Quotes. Funny quotes recharge the individual and makes them fresh for that work. Because of this they offer their maximum input rather than get bore. These tends to make people laugh. And medical researches demonstrates that laughing is the best medicine. it is applicable from our olden days by means of hasyayoga(laughing yoga) to make people healthy and balanced. It provides the complex communications in easy approach. They may be always memorable and attitude transforming. In addition they provides a positive attitude towards the person. The funny quote shows meaning of life in a lighter notice.

We rounded up 11 funny relationship quotes to remind us that love is nothing without a little no one said being married for 50 years—or even two—was easy.

10365 quotes have been tagged as relationships: Here in this section, we have added the most popular and best viral funny relationship quotes from all over the internet. Relationships are like fat people. You'll discover beautiful lines by maya angelou here are 140 of the best relationship quotes i could find.

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