13+ Thought Provoking Philosophical Quotes

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13+ Thought Provoking Philosophical Quotes. It's very strange when the life you never had flashes before your eyes. Best thought provoking quotes selected by thousands of our users!

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41) the mind is everything. You become so much more aware of your surroundings and learn to question things. The throat thinks of more than just thirst.

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13+ Thought Provoking Philosophical Quotes. A collection of quotes and sayings by heraclitus on warrior, books, change, greek, art, thoughts, knowing, river, fire, twice, man, patience, change he was an ardent believer of the changing nature of the universe and in the unity of opposites. Most of the time a philosophy question stimulates debate, argument, and critical thinking that pushes the human mind to think about life in a different way. Feel free to share them with your friends and family on tumblr. We have made a corpus of some popular quotable quotes.

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