12+ Bad Humor Quotes

12+ Bad Humor Quotes. Time is god's way to keep everything from happening. I used to have mad cow's disease, but i'm alright nooooooooow.

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Have i managed to find the incorrect type of humor to attract women? Humor is also a way of saying something serious. Enjoy reading and share 49 famous quotes about bad humor with everyone.

12+ Bad Humor Quotes. Funny quotes can be created for any topic on the planet which range from serious issues such as politics and like to trivial every day issues like class room or cooking. This will depend around the sense regarding humor in the person to draw out out the fun of normal moments. There are some exceptionally gifted people that can make up funny stipulations from every circumstance associated with life. Such would be the sort of individuals who brighten the lives of everyone surrounding them and distribute happiness close to.

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There are some men who are witty when they are in a bad humor, and others only when they are sad. Time is god's way to keep everything from happening. Amazing quotes to bring inspiration, personal humor is the sense of wit or comedy and is a boon only to humans. The universe and human stupidity;

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