11+ Plato Famous Quotes Philosophy

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11+ Plato Famous Quotes Philosophy. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.', and 'wise men speak because they have something. One of the penalties for refusing to participate i politics is that you.

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However, before we examine these quotes, let's take a look at he is one of the most famous and influential philosophers in the western world, and is, along with socrates, responsible for building the. Plato's philosophy is at the foundation of western civilization, and affects how we see and experience the world, others and ourselves. Desire, emotion, and knowledge. famous plato quotes.

He was the teacher to much of humanity for more than two thousand years.

11+ Plato Famous Quotes Philosophy. Giving philosophy a new level, plato, a greek thinker and a student of socrates, created an impact on lives, both then and now. He was born into one of the most influential and the wealthiest families in athens. Famous plato quotes from phaedrus. Here are some of plato's most famous quotes:

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