11+ Krishna Quotes On Truth

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11+ Krishna Quotes On Truth. Do not worry at all as long as you do good work. 31 krishna quotes about love.

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Those rishis gradually transmitted their knowledge to their disciples. Here are the best bhagavad gita quotes on positive thinking and krishna quotes, spoken by krishna to arjuna on the battlefield of the kurukshetra. Our relationship with krishna is based on love and love can not be forced.

It is me who seeks the divine krishna or kali does not matter n its u who seek materialistic tools sci fi technology to reach the truth.

11+ Krishna Quotes On Truth. When it comes down to it, government is simply an abandonment of responsibility on the assumption it's better to die while living your own truth than to live in the truth of another. And he, who in this oneness of love loves me in whatever he sees, wherever this man may live, in truth, he lives in me. From moses, christ and mohammed; My dear husband, you know all the transcendental truths, and by your mercy i have heard the glories of the supreme personality of godhead, lord krishna.

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